Huge sturgeon eludes capture by DNR, becomes Edina’s own fish legend

Wiliam ButinJuly 29, 2019

The monster sturgeon of Minnehaha Creek is becoming something of a legend in Edina.

After two local boys lassoed the tail of the six-foot creature Tuesday, folks have gathered at the 56th Street bridge hoping to spot it, and officials want it moved to a bigger river.

Workers from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources showed up Thursday in waders, carrying nets, prepared to catch the sturgeon and move it to the Mississippi, but the fish got smart and left the area.

Mac Hoekstra, 12, and his friend Owen Sanderson, 14, said their capture was no fluke. They’d been watching it for a while and couldn’t believe their plan to lasso it actually worked.

“Me and my friend were tubing down Minnehaha Creek when we ran into the sturgeon I have been wanting to catch for 3 weeks now,” Hoekstra explained in his YouTube post of the capture. “I quickly went home made a slip knotted rope and then went back to the creek. When I got there I told my friend to put the loop around its tail and then I would pull it up and then [the] plan worked and together we caught the monster sturgeon!!!”
The video shows Sanderson standing in the creek with the rope loop in his hands. He ducks under the water, slips the rope over the tail of the huge fish and pulls it tight.

After that, the video erupts in excited screaming from kids and the small crowd that gathered to see the fish splashing wildly as it is dragged up on shore.

“When we got it up on the bank, that’s when I realized how big it was,” Hoekstra told KSTP-TV. “It was 73-inches long and all we used was a rope with a slip knot.”

The boys got a picture with it and released it back into the creek.

The DNR believe the sturgeon is a female and could be 70 years old. They asked neighbors to alert them when it returns.